Welcome to Recipio!

Recipio lets you save recipes from anywhere online—websites, blogs, extract their instructions, ingredients and tag them by cuisine using AI so they're easy to find later on.

It also lets you rate recipes so that when someone asks what they should make for dinner tonight, there's no need for debate—just look up any recipe that you've made before and rated 5 stars!



Save and automatically tag recipes.

Simple copy and paste a link from a food blog, Instagram or any other website and paste it into Recipio to save, and automatically add cuisine tags.


Extract Instructions

Ever get bored of scrolling through all the fluff in a food blog to just get to the ingredient/instructions? Well Recipio's AI has you covered, it'll automatically download all relevant ingredients.


Shared Shopping List

Tired of copy pasting multiple recipes's ingredients into your notes app and having to triple check to make sure you didn't miss anything? Recipio makes meal prep easy by aggregating a shared shopping list by grocery store section.


Log Meals

Ever have trouble remember old recipes that you loved but can't find? With Recipio filter for Recipes you have loved in the past, and easily remake them!